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Board Exams



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I will always remember my mentors at DUX for not just teaching me how to master concepts but also the strategy to answer in the exams. Their focus on attempting the correct questions, building time management skills, writing within the prescribed word limit helped me immensely in scoring 94.8% in Board exams. Thank you DUX!

Apoorv Sanwal

Parent of Ameya Sanwal, Class 10

Thanks to DUX for taking care of my son during his board exams. With schools beng closed and with Saran due for his Class 10 exams - my biggest fear had come true. Thanks to DUX and their engaging platform, Saran had a mentor to teach him with attention and provide real time feedback on his work. Not just this, they opened up their their whole content library so students can access board related materials even for subjects they had not subscribed for. What can I say - I am a fan now!

Avinash Mittal

Parent of Saran Mittal, Class 10

DUX Education is India's first online education platform that helps you prepare for your mid-term exams as well as Unit Tests. Our state of the art Session Plan engine ensures that the topics we covers are planned according to your school syllabus. 

At DUX, we believe that rigour is a critical part of education as, hence, pratice is one of the key pillar sof our teaching pedagogy. We are the only online education platform where classwork is not just given but also checked live in front of youHomework is given after every class to ensure that the students practice after the class as well. 

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