What is DŰ𝕏?
DŰ𝕏 is an education platform that helps students meet the best tutors from all over the country. So far, parents have had limited access to tutors since they always prefer to get a tutor who lives in a 3 or 4 km radius of their home. With DŰ𝕏, we remove this barrier of choice. On our platform, parents can get access to the best teachers from all over the country on their screen at the comfort of their home.
Why should we join DŰ𝕏?
→ You get access to the pool of DŰ𝕏 certified teachers.
→ To encourage interactions and engagement with the students, batches in DŰ𝕏 never have more than 10 students.
→ Our materials closely follow your school syllabus so you don’t have to worry on that front.
→ Our teachers don’t always communicate in just one language. We always match the teacher to ensure you are taught in your preferred language (Hindi, Marathi, English and so on).
Other than regular classes, what else do you provide?
→ We provide course materials that you can use anytime you want.
→ Tests are taken after the completion of every chapter.
→ You can always post any doubt in the class timeline and the teacher will get back to you within 24 hours.
What is the size of every batch?
The maximum number of students in any batch is 10. We make sure there is enough engagement between the teacher and the students and, hence, never breach this “Principle of 10”.
Do I need to take any subscription? If yes, what are the charges for the subscription?
There is no subscription program. Think of us as your regular tuitions - all we add to it is helping you in finding the best tutor from all over the country. You pay monthly (like you do for your tuitions) and not annually (we care about your pocket!).
There is absolutely no commitment - if you don’t like the class, switch the teacher or leave us (we are sure you won’t!).
All the monthly payments have to be made in advance.
How are the classes conducted?
The classes are conducted on different platforms (Zoom/Google Meet). We move to our state of the art in house developed digital platform in some time. All the classes are conducted for a period of 55 minutes.
→ To know more about how we operate, please click on the link - https://youtu.be/1LpG-sAIEzQ

How many classes are taken per week?
Except for some specific class & subject combination, we take classes 3 days every week. Our session plan is compact and makes sure that the syllabus is covered. We leave you enough time every week for self-study.


I want to teach on DŰ𝕏. How do I enroll?
Teaching on DŰ𝕏 is simple. All you need to do is to click on this link and fill-up the form. Once you do that, someone from our quality team will reach out to you, verify your credentials, and take your candidature ahead.
I don’t have any teaching experience. Can I still teach on DŰ𝕏?
At DŰ𝕏, we believe that teaching is more driven by passion than by training. If you have a passion to teach, reach out to us by filling this form. Our quality team will vet your candidature and get back to you with the next steps.
Do I need to commit some minimum hours every day/week on DŰ𝕏?
DŰ𝕏 is a free platform - our intent is to match the best teacher with the students. If you can teach well, we would love to match you with as many kids as possible given your schedule. As such, we don’t bind you by any minimum hours to be spent on our platform. Come and teach our students per your convenience and bandwidth.


How do I get 50% off on the fee? Do I need to use any referral/promo code?
50% off is applicable if you pay the fee for the quarter in advance. We have EMI options available for you if you chose to take this route so that you don’t need to bother about cash flow. If, however, you chose to pay only the monthly fee in advance, you get 30% off on the fee.
Is the offer applicable on all subjects and all classes?
The launch offer is only applicable for students in Class 7 and above. Moreover, the offer is applicable only if the student opts for “select subjects” (Maths & Science up to Class 10; Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics for Class 11 & Class 12).
My child (Class 8) wants to take tuitions for English and Mathematics. Will we get 50% off on both subjects?
As mentioned above, since your child is in Class 8, he is eligible for the offer. However, he will get 50% off on only Mathematics. We don’t give 50% off on English since that is not in our list of select subjects Note that you get 50% off only if you pay for the quarter in advance. If you choose to pay advance for a month only, you get 30% off on the fee.

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