What is DUX?
→ DUX means “The Leader”, “The Guide”, “The Top Pupil of the Class”. DUX sounds like the hindi word “Daksh” which means “Skilful’. Every student and tutor at DUX completely personifies all these adjectives
→ DUX brings the best of physical tuitions and empowers with the strength of digital. So far, parents have had limited access to tutors since they always prefer to get a tutor who lives in a 1 or 2 km radius of their home. With DUX, we remove this barrier of choice. On our platform, students can get access to the best tutors from all over the country on their screen at the comfort of their home
Why should we join DUX?
→ You get access to the pool of DUX certified tutors
→ To encourage interactions and engagement with the students, batches in DUX never have more than 10 students
→ Our study materials and session plans closely follow your school syllabus so you don’t have to worry about your school tests and exams
→ Our tutors don’t always communicate in English. We always match the tutor to ensure you are taught in your preferred language (Hindi, Marathi, English and so on)
→ Come, take a trial class. It’s free!
Other than regular classes, what else do you provide?
→ We provide course materials that you can use anytime you want (free!)
→ Tests are taken at regular intervals
→ You can always post doubts in the class timeline and the teacher will get back to you within few hours
→ Regular feedback and PTMs to keep the parents posted on the development
What is the size of every batch?
The maximum number of students in any batch is 10. We make sure there is enough engagement between the students and the tutor, hence, never breach the “Principle of 10”
Do I need to take any subscription? If yes, what are the charges for the subscription?
There is no subscription program. Think of us as your regular tuitions - all we add to it is finding the best tutor from all over the country for you. You pay as per the plan chosen by you. Refer to the Pricing tab for more details
How are the classes conducted?
The classes are conducted live on our platform. All the classes are conducted for a duration of 55 minutes.

→ To know more about how we operate, please click on the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJlHzJKuk6s

How many classes are taken per week?
Except for some specific class & subject combination, we take 3 classes every week. Our session plan is compact and makes sure that the syllabus is covered along with enough revision and practice tests.


I want to teach on DUX. How do I enroll?
Tutoring on DUX is simple. All you need to do is to register on our site as a tutor. Once you do that, someone from our quality team will reach out to you, verify your credentials and take your candidature ahead
Do I need to commit some minimum hours every day/week on DUX?
DUX is a free platform - our intent is to match the best teacher with the students. If you can teach well, we would love to match you with as many kids as possible given your schedule. As such, we don’t bind you by any minimum hours to be spent on our platform. Come and teach our students per your convenience and bandwidth.


What is the cashback guarantee program?
DUX offers 100% cashback guarantee within 15 days (not sessions) of joining the class if you don’t like the experience. The cashback guarantee is just one question asked program - where did we go wrong? Important for us to improve!
What if I want to cancel my plan mid way?
→ We want you to evaluate properly before choosing a plan so you won’t have to cancel the plan. Having said that, if due to unforeseen circumstances, you have to cancel - we will charge a 20% cancellation fee on the applicable fee and refund the remaining amount.

Applicable fee would be calculated based on the tenure completed. For example - you opted for the annual plan but want to cancel after 3 months - the applicable price would be that of the quarterly plan. For more details, reach out to us at contact@duxedu.in

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