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I could not find a good tutor around me. Online videos and notes were good but there
was no one to guide me. DUX provided me with the best tutor.

Sushant - Class X (Science), Ludhiana

I find it very convenient studying at DUX, with all benefits of class notes and
assignments at a reasonable tuition fee :)

Madhur - Class XI| (Economics), Noida

With both of us working, DUX came to the rescue and took away all the worries of
Shaurya’s studies. With a small batch size, he gets complete attention.

Shaurya’s Mother (Class V), Guwahati

Coding is my passion and now I have a teacher to help me understand the fundamentals of
python scripts. It's real fun!

Manan - Class VIII (Python), Ahmedabad
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Are the sessions live?
β†’ You wouldn't need us if recorded classes were effective. There is already an abundance of stuff available on YouTube!
β†’ We believe in the value of live and interactive classes at DUX. We educate using a discussion-based method (class involvement is key) rather than a lecture-based approach (one way communication from the teacher). We do not put students on mute; if they have any questions, they can ask the teachers right away. In fact, we have a mandatory video-on policy since visual cues from students are critical for teachers.
β†’ By the way, once the sessions are completed, you will have access to the class recordings, which will be useful in the future.
How many students are there in one batch?
β†’ Each of our batches is limited to a maximum of ten students; we never exceed that number. According to research, a batch size of ten is the ideal quantity for ensuring that each child receives adequate attention while also balancing the competitiveness.
β†’ Please note that we also provide 1:1 classes on request.
Who are your teachers? Will my teacher remain same throughout the year?
β†’ We exclusively use professional teachers to teach at DUX. All our teachers must go through four rounds of interviews and multiple training sessions.
β†’ We also recognise that students form bonds with their teachers, and it is critical that they continue to study from the same teacher. We make certain that your lessons are taught by the same teacher throughout the year. In addition, the teacher you see in the trial will be the same one who will teach your class.
β†’ We take pride in our transparency!
How will you cover the syllabus? Is there a pre-defined session plan that you share?
β†’ The DUX session plan is designed in such a way that we can assist you with your school unit tests and mid-term exams. After all, what good is it to teach you something in December if you'll be tested on it in June?
β†’ Once you come onboard, you will be expected to share your syllabus with us through the dashboard. Our state-of-the-art syllabus engineΒ ensures that we cover the necessary portion before your tests (a promise we never break!) once you share the syllabus (well in advance!) along with the estimated exam dates.
Do you provide any support if we have doubt outside the class?
β†’ The beauty of DUX is that the action extends beyond the classroom. We recognise that you may have questions when practising or revising, and we don't want you to have to wait until the next session to get answers.
β†’ This is where the community steps in to save the day. When you join us, you gain access to a variety of communities, including the batch community. Your mentors and other assistant teachers moderate the batch community. If you have a question outside of the class, put it here and someone will respond. If we believe that a live discussion is required, we will make a note of it and discuss it with you in the next live class.
β†’ In fact, we encourage students to learn from one another. If one of your friends asks a question, attempt to answer it for them (teaching is the best way to learn!). This way, you can either confirm your knowledge or learn something new. It's a win-win situation for everyone!
Do you provide content support also?
β†’ DUX has been created to meet all of your requirements!
β†’ You will have access to a wealth of content, including concept booster videos (we have over 4,000 videos to help you better understand the concepts!), practise problems (both MCQs and subjective), key notes, and textbook solutions.
β†’ The cherry on top is that everything is free; once you subscribe, your access to the content library is automatically unlocked.
Can parents talk to the teacher for concern/feedback?
β†’ We understand that you, as a parent, would like to speak with teachers in order to learn more about your child's progress.
β†’ We take feedback very seriously at DUX. While we provide extensive feedback (both qualitative and quantitative) every month, you can always book a 1:1 meeting with the teacher directly from your dashboard. In fact, we encourage you to do so because it provides a great deal of clarity for both you and the teacher in terms of expectations and laying out a plan for the student's future.
Can we reschedule classes? What if we miss some classes?
β†’ Our classes take place according to a set schedule. We set the timetable ahead of time so you may organise your days around it.
β†’ We normally do not accommodate one-time rescheduling requests from students because they are group sessions. If a class is postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will compensate you for that session at a time that is convenient for all the students in the batch.
β†’ The class recordings are shared with you after the session, as previously stated. We recommend that you watch the class recording if you miss a session due to personal commitments. If there is a significant doubt, you can address it at the next session. Don't worry, we provide extensive revision classes for every topic.
What is the fee?
β†’ Our fee depends on the grade in which the student is studying. See below for details -
  • Grade 1 to 4
  • β†’ All of the lessons are one-on-one (young children require a lot of attention, so we don't do group classes for them). There are two packages available:
    • Option I - We teach two subjects of your choice for three days a week. This bundle costs INR 3,500 per month.
    • Option II - We teach five days a week and cover three subjects of your choice. This bundle costs INR 5,000 per month.
  • Grade 5 to 9
  • β†’ We teach Grades 5 to 9 on a subject-by-subject basis. Each batch has max of 10 students. For each subject,
    1. Classes are held three times a week.
    2. We charge a monthly fee of INR 999 (per subject)
    β†’ For these grades, we offer Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Hindi, and Kannada.
    β†’ By the way, we also have a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE offer, which means that if you subscribe to two subjects, the third subject is FREE.
  • Grade 10 to 12
  • β†’ We teach Grades 10 to 12 on a subject-by-subject basis. Each batch has max of 10 students. For each subject,
    1. Classes are held three times a week.
    2. We charge a monthly fee of INR 1,200 (per subject)
    β†’ For these grades, we offer Maths, Science, Social Studies, English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
    β†’ We also have a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE deal, which means that if you subscribe to two subjects, the third subject is FREE.